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Answer our simple questionnaire in the order form, so we can create the music that works for you.


The Theme of Your Brand

Does your audience see you as creative, dependable, maybe even playful? Your answer will help to shape the music we create for you.


The Tempo/Pacing of Your Music

Whether you're looking for a steady pace or more energetic, we can create the music to suit you.


The Vibe of Your Music

Whether you think your music should be dreamy, dramatic, upbeat or something else, we've got it covered.

One Simple Price.


Get intro and looping background music, unique to your brand. Our custom compositions are based on the preferences you choose.



Intro Approx 10 seconds in length

Looping Background Music approx 5 mins in length

WAV & MP3 formats provided

Full ownership and usable absolutely anywhere

Delivered within 3-5 Days

What Music will I Receive?

Your intro music is your brand's musical identifier. In less than 10 seconds, your brand sound can reinforce your brand with your audience to add value and build trust.

The background music is 30 seconds of audio, looped seamlessly to total around 5 minutes in length.

Where Can I Use the Music?

Use it anywhere. YouTube, Podcasts, Videos and any other content. No copyright strikes, no issues. Just your own unique sound.

How quickly will I get my Music?

You'll receive your music within 3-5 business days of placing your order.

How is the Music unique?

Firstly, you define the preferences to start the journey. Then everything is custom composed by me, Luke Tyler.

How does payment work?

All payments are process securely via Stripe. There's no hidden fees.

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